May 30 2019

Taking Asian Escorts For Granted

Its common enough knowledge that you will get a better service with a London Asian escort than you will with any other type. We almost pity those clients who don't find Asian escorts attractive! They are missing out considerably. But what exactly are they missing out on?

What is it about London Asian escorts?

With Asian escorts there are a number of things. To begin with, they offer a great service because they are mostly all submissive. Submissive in the sense that they are happy if you are happy. They can of course be dominant if that is what you prefer. And Incidentally, if this is what you want, please let us know so that we can assist in your choice. We know the girls very well, so you're better off with at least some guidance.

They don't often charge extra

Another thing people like about booking London Asian escorts is that they are the least likely to charge you extra fees for this and that. they are already excellent value anyway of course. Much better than Russian or some European escorts in this way. Whilst you may still only pay £150 for a European girl, if you want to have anything extra with her, she's more than likely going to charge you an extra £50. With the vast majority of Asian escorts there will rarely be any extras. This is particularly so with the Thai escorts.

Don't take advantage

Now, just because there are no extras with the Thai London escorts, it doesn't mean you can push your luck and take advantage of their good nature. This means everything from what you expect from them, to the amount of time you are in their company. These are very polite ladies and they never really want to assert themselves with you because they are naturally very friendly and want to please. And they expect the same from you. However, if you do push your luck too far, you may just discover just how feisty these little Thai escorts really can be!

European girls too!

We should take a moment to add that we don't expect you to do this with any of our London escorts, Asian or otherwise. Sometimes when clients become a nuisance it is entirely possible for us to identify them and "blacklist" them with other agencies. So it really is in everyone's best interests to behave yourself and have a good time.